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Data, research, education and knowledge sharing — all work together to drive innovation across University California Health (UCH). That’s because we are on a constant quest to provide you with better care.  

We share knowledge across the hospitals and clinics of UCH. We do this so you and your family benefit from academic medicine that is continually improving. You get care that is some of the best in the nation because our teams bring knowledge from world-leading researchers to you.  

We have specialists in more than 150 areas of medicine, and we treat 1.8 million patients across California each year. With that volume and experience, you get medical care that’s drawn from years of experience and the most current practices.  

From Sacramento to San Diego, you are at the center of everything we do: We’re more than an academic health system — we’re your community.  

UCH Academic Health Centers

Our physicians and researchers share knowledge—improving patient care for common conditions and the most serious. 

They study large sets of data to spark insights that lead to better treatments. They conduct thousands of clinical trials, providing options not available elsewhere. They collaborate across UC to bring you new options and best practices faster—regardless of which UCH hospital or clinic you visit. 

Explore what our six academic health centers can do for you.

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UC Health Cancer Consortium

University of California Cancer Consortium

We have five National Cancer Institute- Designated (NCI) Comprehensive Cancer Centers across UCH. No other health system in the U.S. has this many. By joining forces, our cancer centers discover—including through clinical trials—new treatment options faster to improve your cancer care.

We use our combined cancer expertise to treat your cancer.

UC Health Cardiac Surgery Consortium

University of California Cardiac Surgery Consortium

For matters of the heart, you want exceptional care. Cardiac surgeons across UCH discuss cases, review data and deliver personal care—along with peace of mind.

See how we’re identifying trends in data to improve heart surgery outcomes.

UC Health Milk Bank

University of California Health Milk Bank

Through the University of California Health Milk Bank, new parents with the most fragile infants can access human milk for their baby. And parents with extra human milk can donate to feed sick and premature infants. 

Find out how we’re collaborating to give preemies a healthier start.

UC Healthcare Pediatrics

University of California Health Pediatrics

When your child needs complex care, you want pediatric experts up to date on the latest treatment options, including clinical trials. At our children’s hospitals, we bring the same level of innovation and expertise to our youngest patients as we do our oldest. 

Our four children’s hospital campuses are hear for you and your family.

Improving Health Across California

Our drive to improve lives extends into every aspect of our work. From treating COVID-19 to studying population health trends that elevate care for all our patients, we learn and innovate together.

See how we’re improving lives together