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When you go to a University of California hospital or physician, you can benefit from the expertise across six world-class academic medical centers.

That means you are being cared for by a team of physicians, researchers and clinicians at the top of their fields: Academic medicine specialists who treat rare conditions so frequently that even the most complex illnesses can be addressed. Experts in multiple fields who work together to share research, data and best practices across the nation's largest academic health system — to develop breakthrough treatments.

Whether your condition is rare or common, the care you need can be found at the hospitals and clinics of University of California Health. The innovations we pursue are personal for us — and for you.

How Academic Medicine Improves Care

Academic health centers (also called academic medical centers) treat the most challenging and complex cases. We are able to do this because of the experience, technology and expertise of our physicians and researchers.

University of California Health physicians and researchers are not just providing the most up-to-date care, they are developing it and setting standards for care. And they share this knowledge across our health centers through many active collaborations.

That level of collaboration and innovation leads to better diagnosis and better treatment—for all patients across our hospitals.