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Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) is a leading cause of infant death, impacting thousands of babies every year. Babies come into the world needing nourishment. When a parent's breastmilk is not available or sufficient, pasteurized donor human milk is the next best thing to prevent NEC and improve the survival of babies in need.
That's why the UC Health Milk Bank was created.

We connect those who produce an excess of milk to those who are unable. Extra milk supply donated to our organization is processed and distributed to NICUs and families in need. We have a state-of-the-art facility operated by UC San Diego and accredited by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America. With our Medical Advisory Board and world-class researchers, our Milk Bank has become the standard in newborn nutrition.


The gift of milk benefits babies in several ways. The nutritive aspects of mothers’ milk help babies grow and thrive. The biology in human milk helps protect children from infections and other complications. Human milk has over 600 biological components from antibodies to hormones to small sugars that nourish bacteria in the gut. The magic of mothers’ milk!

Lisa Stellwagen, MD, FAAP Medical Director & Pediatrician

Every ounce I pumped represents so much effort, time, and LOVE - there's an immense emotional attachment to my saved breastmilk and the work I put in to build it up. As I part with my stash, I feel so much gratitude and joy knowing that it goes to babies in need! Being part of a community dedicated to helping families through the challenges of becoming a new parent is an amazing feeling.

Jennifer Breastmilk Donor

Every drop of milk I donated was important simply because I was able to. I was now a mother, and my heart grew larger not only for MY daughter but for ALL babies. I was able to experience tears of joy and tears of sadness on both sides of the hospital bed, as a patient and a lactation consultant. Knowing that I could help another family in need meant everything to me. Milk Matters!

Christina Lactation Consultant and Milk Donor


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