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The six medical schools of the University of California combine academic rigor with hands-on clinical experiences. They prepare graduates to succeed in fields that are continually advancing.

Our Schools of Medicine train students to become the next generation of doctors at a time when health care providers are in high demand. But they do much more than that. Our educational curriculum and field experiences address some of the most pressing questions in health care and our society.

UC schools ask you to tackle inequity, disease prevention and the health effects of a changing climate or a life in poverty. They ask—and expect—you to change the seemingly impossible into possibilities for all Californians and beyond.

Leading California — and the Nation

Our medical schools are among the best in the U.S., according to U.S. News & World Report and other rankings.

As part of our responsibility as health care leaders, we seek to build a workforce of future physicians that reflects the diversity of our state. We’re not there yet. But we see this challenge as part of UC’s ongoing effort to serve California. And like so many challenges before, we will rise to meet it.

UC Davis

#3 Most Diverse Medical School (tie)
#8 Medical School – Primary Care
#51 Medical School – Research

UC Irvine

#51 Medical School – Research (tie)
#61 Medical School – Primary Care (tie)

UC Riverside

#11 Most Diverse Medical School (tie)

UC San Diego

#20 Medical School – Research (tie)
#32 Medical School – Primary Care (tie)


#13 Medical School – Primary Care
#14 Most Diverse Medical School (tie)
#19 Medical School – Research


#2 Medical School – Primary Care
#3 Medical School – Research (tie)
#11 Most Diverse Medical School (tie)

Medical students studying

Starting a Health Career at UC

University of California Health is the state’s fourth largest health care delivery system and integral to the state’s health care safety net. Our academic health centers are ranked among the best in the state and nation. As the nation’s largest academic health system, our medical students have many opportunities to advance their career within the UC family.

Explore patient care within our six academic health centers

Researcher working in a lab

Using Research to Inform Patient Care

Using research to improve patient care feeds our passions and our excellence: UC performs nearly 10 percent of all academic research funded by U.S. federal agencies each year. We are typically awarded one in seven National Institutes of Health grants. Medical students at UC schools have the opportunity to participate in ongoing research projects as well as start their own.

See how University of California Health is challenging the status quo through innovative research