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Potential noninvasive low-cost test for head and neck cancer

UC Davis Health — June 28, 2022

UC Davis researchers found that the levels of certain polyamine molecules in saliva and urine samples of head and neck cancer patients were significantly higher than those in healthy individuals. Their study might lead to a noninvasive low-cost method to screen for this cancer.

Examining the neck of a woman using ultrasound scanner machine

UC Davis creates new pathway to medical school that starts in community college

UC Davis Health — June 28, 2022

A new initiative involving more than two dozen colleges seeks to boost the number of doctors in rural Northern California. Avenue M will identify talented community college students from rural regions, guide them into four-year universities and eventually steer them toward the UC Davis School of Medicine.

13 students, many in UC Davis T-shirts and white lab coats, stand shoulder to shoulder outside the UC Davis School of Medicine

Physician receives grant to strengthen connection between doctors and patients

UC Davis Health — June 27, 2022

Second-year gynecologic-oncology fellow Nicole Rubin has received funding from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) for Back to Bedside. The resident-led initiative aims to develop innovative strategies for finding deeper connections with patients, improving physician and patient well-being.

Nicole Rubin

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