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The University of California’s Center for Health Quality and Innovation launched in October 2010. The center is designed to promote, support and nurture innovations at UC medical center campuses and hospitals to improve quality, access and value in the delivery of health care. UC Health, which supported federal health reform, recognizes that the status quo is no longer sustainable. We must build upon our excellence in service and embrace new practices in order to prosper so that we can continue to serve the medical needs of California and beyond.

The center’s goal is to support innovations at the UC health campuses that can transform the way the health needs of Californians are addressed and therefore advance the health of California and beyond. The center so far has issued several rounds of grants, including an initial round of grants, a round to improve care to surgery patients, scale-up grants and two rounds of fellowships (2012, 2013), and hosted four colloquiums.

The center is staffed by an executive director and governed by a board composed of the six UC medical school deans, five UC medical center CEOs and chaired by the UC Health senior vice president. Center projects take place at UC campuses with a small coordinating staff based at the UC Office of the President in Oakland. The innovation center also is partnering with the UCSF Center for the Health Professions, which is providing awardees with training in leadership and change management.

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